Did you know that the adage of process servers going undercover, or in disguise, which is often seen in movies, reflects reality? Well, sometimes it does. When you are dealing with a particularly avoidant defendant, sometimes an elaborate ruse is necessary to effectuate service. Though the more extreme examples are usually left to fiction, there certainly are times when we must get creative.

Here are just some of the craziest costumes process servers wear to get our job done:

Pizza Deliverymen

This, of course, won’t work if the person lives alone, since he or she will know that no one ordered pizza. However, this is a classic for a reason. Some experienced servers have even been known to carry around an empty pizza box from a local pizza joint, just in case. After all, it may come in handy!

Maintenance Workers

This works better on renters, since homeowners will be the ones that hire plumbers, carpenters, and electricians to work on their homes. If a maintenance worker asks to do work inside a rental, a tenant cannot really refuse him or her, so this works perfectly.

Door-to-door Salespeople

This isn’t as common as it was in the past, though that is because door-to-door salespeople are not as common, and many folks will not answer the door to those that are still around, so it kind of defeats the purpose.

Flower Deliverymen

No matter where you live, or who you reside with, there is always a chance that someone, somewhere, may have sent you flowers. And that is why this ploy works on so many unsuspecting defendants.

Blending into the Background

Blending into the environment is seriously the best disguise going for a process server. No one would ever expect a thing! So, wearing a suit and tie among those in a corporate building, shorts and a sweatshirt at the gym, or a waiter’s uniform at a fancy restaurant means easy access to a defendant who works at or frequents these places.

Customers or Clients

Probably the best way to get a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting with a defendant is to pose as a customer or client, if he or she is in business. This works nearly every time. They certainly can’t deny who they are at that point.

These are just some examples of stunts that some process servers have resorted to serve process on an evasive person. These certainly are not everyday occurrences, but it shows the dedication that we, as process servers, have to our jobs, and the depth of our commitment to our clients. At Baton Rouge Process Servers, Scott Frank and his team will go the extra mile to ensure that the assigned task is completed. Give us a call today and experience our determination firsthand. We will employ whatever legal means are necessary to serve process appropriately.

Donna Lee Hellmann is a New Orleans-area copywriter. The foregoing article has simply been presented for informational purposes only. She, and those at Baton Rouge Process Servers, are not attorneys. If you seek further information about this topic, contact an attorney in your local area.

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