How to Find a Process Server in Zachary


If you work in the legal field, you will probably need to find a process server at some point. A process server is someone who serves legal documents, such as summonses and complaints. The process server hand-delivers these documents to the person named in them, making sure that they are served quickly and accurately.


If you’re looking for a process server in Zachary, Louisiana, there are a few avenues open to you:

  1. Asking other lawyers or paralegals in the area if they have any recommendations
  2. Searching online – simply type “process servers in Zachary” into Google and some results will come up
  3. Once you’ve gathered together a list of possible candidates, checking out their websites and seeing if there are any online reviews (if available)


Here are a few questions you can ask potential candidates to help you make your decision:

-How many years they have been in business?

-Roughly how many cases do they take on per year?

-Do they have any experience or knowledge about your type of case specifically?

-What are their rates/fees per project basis?

Remember to get everything down in writing before continuing with anyone.


To ensure you find a great process server in Zachary, Louisiana use these tips. Ask for recommendations from other lawyers and paralegals that have used services in the area. Also, search online to get an idea of who is available. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential candidates, interview them over the phone and make sure everything is provided in writing before selecting one.


If you’re looking for Process servers in Louisiana that can be relied on, consult Lafayette Process Servers LLC. Our team offers professional and reliable process-serving services with outstanding customer service. Customers are always our number one priority! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-237-2853 or Request a Free Quote today.

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