Here are the five best ways to find someone.

As a lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, or process server in Louisiana, you’ll eventually need to find someone during your career. This might include finding a witness for a deposition or serving papers to a defendant. However, some methods are better than others when trying to locate people. For example, the top 5 ways are as follows:

1. Conducting a Google search – When you’re looking for someone, this is probably the first method that comes to mind. And rightfully so – Google can help you find just about anyone with its comprehensive and expansive results. However, it’s important not to forget that not everything on the internet is accurate information. So while using Google should be your starting point, don’t depend on it as your only source of truth.

2. Social media profiles – Another way to locate individuals is by searching social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the immense user base of these platforms, the person you desire probably has an account on one (or more) of them. If they don’t have a profile themselves, then somebody who knows them might’ve posted something related to them which could serve as valuable information for your search.

3. Data aggregators – These types of websites function by gathering data from both public records and other places, then making it available all in one spot. If you’re struggling to find someone who doesn’t have an online presence or if you need more detailed information like property records or voting history, these can be incredibly useful tools.

When you have no other options, it might be time to seek help from professional locators. These people get paid to find others, so they know a few things that we don’t. They’re also very experienced in finding individuals who deliberately hide very well.

5. Process servers – In addition, process servers can be a great asset for finding people. If you need to serve court papers and cannot find the individual yourself, it is best to hire a process server. They are experienced in locating individuals who do not want to be found and know how to within the legal boundaries.

If you need to find someone, the next time starts with a Google search or look at their social media accounts. If you can’t locate them on your own, think about hiring an expert locator or process server who would be able to help you track them down rapidly and efficiently.

Each state has its laws regarding process serving, so the best way to find out what is allowed in your area is to speak with a local lawyer. However, if you are specifically searching for high-quality process servers in Louisiana, Lafayette Process Servers LLC should be your go-to company! Not only do we offer reliable and professional services in Lafayette but also in Baton Rouge, Metairie Lake Charles, New Orleans, and surrounding areas. To get more information or request a free quote today contact us at 866-237-2853

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