Baton Rouge Process Servers is proud to provide the greater Baton Rouge area with the same great service that our sister company has been known for providing in the Lafayette area for nearly two decades. That’s right! The capital city will be the beneficiary of our wide array of legal support services which had previously only been available to our friends in Cajun country. What services are these? Well, there are beaucoup options and plenty of lagniappe for good measure. Read on to learn more:

Process Serving

Process serving is our main concern as a company. This is simply the delivery of legal papers, indicating a lawsuit, being delivered on the behalf of a pro-se litigant, or an attorney representing a litigant, to the person being sued. That is a lot to take in. In a nutshell, you (the plaintiff), or your attorney on your behalf, need to make the opposing party, whether that’s a person or a business, aware of any lawsuit filed against him, her, or it. We, as process servers, ensure that the correct party is delivered the court summons. We even have ways to locate those are difficult to find, if that is necessary.

Courthouse Filing

Are you a lawyer or a pro-se litigant that must file documents at the courthouse, but you do not have the time to waste standing in slow-moving, endless lines? And, just think, due to the archaic filing systems, you may even find yourself having to dot another “i” or cross another “t” and then return to the line to wait another hour. This is ridiculous, but we can handle it, and we don’t mind doing it for you. We have nearly two decades of conducting legal support services under our belt, so you can rest assured that everything will be filed correctly.

Courthouse Research

In addition to filing, we are also proficient at what is known as “courthouse research.” This is digging through public records of cases that are not available online, but are easily found in every courthouse’s archives. While it is not difficult, it is quite time-consuming, so why not send us to take care of it for you?

If you know what you are looking for, or even if you just have a general idea, we will do our best to search the records. This comes in handy when it comes to learning more about opposing parties and witnesses.

Legal Courier

Attorneys, have you ever had the immediate need to transport an original document for signing either across town or out of town? We’re sure you couldn’t just drop everything you were doing to see it through. That is where having a dedicated, trustworthy legal courier comes in handy. We are also a fantastic help when it comes to packing up case files and transporting them back to the office. This keeps them secure and safe while attorneys will be able to save time and keep their appointments.

Registered Agent

As registered agents, we act as an official legal spokesperson for your business. This means we accept process if you are being sued, eliminating your embarrassment in front of both your employees and your customers. We also keep your state and federal filings up-to-date.

In conclusion, we have plenty of legal support services to offer the citizens of greater Baton Rouge, particularly pro-se litigants and lawyers. Take a quick view of our new office’s website to read in-depth about the various legal support services we offer. If you need our assistance, be sure to call or email us and we will be glad to serve you.

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