Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which the court deems that it is in the “best interests of the child(ren)” for visitations between them and their mother or father, or with both parents, to occur under the supervision of a neutral advisor. Such situations occur when particular situations trigger a judge’s cautiousness, which include a parent’s mental illness or substance abuse issues, or allegations of abuse or neglect against a parent. Other times, the custodial and non-custodial parent may have a bitter-enough conflict that it is recommended that any visitation by the non-custodial parent is supervised. In this environment, it is crucial to have a third party on hand to keep things cordial and keep the tension to a minimum.

The visitation supervisor is this person, and his or her duty to ensure smooth relations and prevent any incidents or outbursts. He or she should have a cool head and a warm heart. Choosing the right person is definitely a pertinent decision that can make or break the fragile relationships between these parents and their estranged children.

The most important part of the visitation supervisor’s job is to ensure the comfort and safety of the children involved above all else. Unfortunately, visits are typically ordered by the judge to be watched because he or she found that there was a danger in either leaving the children alone with the parent, or that the parents could not be trusted to keep things civil between them in front of the children. Either way, it is critical that the children have an advocate to look out for their needs, though supervisors remain impartial to the situation unless they feel that the children are in immediate danger.

That means a well-trained supervisor will almost never interfere as he or she observes the visitations between parents and children. He or she keeps interruptions to an absolute minimum. The supervisor simply observes the interaction and takes notes for the court.

Note-taking is another critical component of the supervisor’s work. If a parent is trying to regain custody through the court or children’s services, a truthful, yet objective, report documenting the activities, interactions, and details of each meeting can make or break a reunification or custody matter.

Visitation Supervisor also knows how to connect with children and ease their fears during such a difficult time. He creates a positive environment in which all parties feel calm and relaxed, even when things are difficult. Call Scott today to learn more about the services he offers and find out if he is the right man for your supervised visitation job.

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