Although process servers are an important part of the judicial system, there are times when it is best to politely decline a job request. By being aware of these occasions, you can avoid putting yourself in danger or breaking the law.

Never accept an assignment from a client if the task is illegal or unethical. This includes serving papers to minors without parental consent or attempting to serve papers outside of your jurisdiction. Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations before accepting any assignments, so you don’t inadvertently break the law.

Always trust your intuition when you feel unsafe on an assignment as a process server. If you sense danger in any way, immediately reject the job and move on. Your safety is of utmost importance, so it’s better to be too cautious than to endanger yourself for a small pay raise.

Equipment and Training

If you do not have all the equipment or training required for a job, it would be best to wait until you can acquire what is needed. Do your research before agreeing to take on a task so that any surprises will not pop up during your assignment.

Process servers are an important figure in upholding the law by hand-delivering court documents and other legal papers. However, knowing when to decline an assignment is just as crucial as understanding how to serve correctly. This is because declining specific jobs could save you from future legal trouble or imminent danger. Reviewing local laws and regulations about process serving as well as safety tips to follow while carrying out assignments will help you decide when it is not safe to accept work requests. This way, you can perform your job without putting yourself in danger!

The blog you just listened to was intended to provide additional information. The speaker is not an attorney, and the company they work for, Lafayette Process Servers LLC, also is not comprised of lawyers. Because service laws and rules differ based on location, please speak with a local attorney if you want more details about this topic.


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