Legal Courier Service

You may wonder what a Louisiana legal courier service entails. That’s easy. First, let’s break the title down.

A courier service is a company that picks up and delivers packages, documents, mail, and, centuries ago, messages. That said, they still fill a niche in the modern world because large shipping companies, such UPS and FedEx, do not yet offer pick up services. You must process your packages through the company in order for them to be delivered.

Couriers actually have become a vital part of the modern economy, and the idea is not as archaic as it may first seem. Just think, services like the app Instacart hire individually contracted couriers to deliver groceries, while customers of apps like DoorDash and Waitr have self-employed couriers delivering them warm food from local restaurants. However, there are some deliverables that necessitate much more care and discretion.

While typical couriers work with any person or company, a legal courier usually works with attorneys and law firms specifically to deliver sensitive or confidential documents and materials from one lawyer to another or from the lawyer’s office to the courthouse. These packages may contain evidence crucial to a client’s case or legal matter and calling on a legal courier is much more secure than trusting vital packages to the postal service.

While many law offices and pro se litigants are likely to trust their two-dimensional deliveries to email, after scanning relevant documents, or even the now-archaic fax machine, one must remember that technology can be known to fail, and it is not guaranteed to be secure. Plus, scanning the sheer volume of paperwork involved in some matters can be laborious, as well as inefficient. A Louisiana legal courier can easily handle a drop-off of boxes of paperwork while you are free to pursue other activities.

Louisiana same day legal couriers are also often utilized in situations where a deadline must be considered, and a client or an otherwise-involved person must sign a document. There may simply not be enough time to mail correspondence back and forth. Other times, packages must arrive prior to a hearing or the start of a trial. Legal couriers simplify delivery matters when time is of the essence. A late delivery could affect a ruling in a court matter or hold up proceedings exponentially.

Besides ensuring that legal documents and packages arrive promptly and are handled with care, legal couriers also save a law firm time by setting papers up in courtrooms pending the lawyer’s arrival and also packing everything up afterward and delivering the documents back to the law office. This way, the attorney can move on to his or her next matter without delay.

Why Choose Baton Rouge Process Servers?

While some law firms have in-house legal couriers on their payrolls, most mid-size and smaller firms cannot afford such a luxury. The next best thing that you can do is forge a trusting relationship with a legal courier that has a great reputation in the area. Scott is well-known for getting your matters squared away in a timely, effective way that preserves your privacy.

As a process server, Scott is experienced with handling sensitive documentation and is used to providing confidential services and keeping personal details to himself. This experience makes him the perfect choice to handle all your legal courier needs. He will ensure your packages arrive in pristine condition and in a timely manner. He will let you know as soon as your delivery has been made by your choice of either a text, a phone call, or an email. Baton Rouge Process Servers will never leave you wondering whether your documents made it to where you intended them to go.

Also, in addition to the regular Louisiana legal courier duties one would expect from such a business, Baton Rouge Process Servers is more than willing to file paperwork, belonging to you or your client, at the appropriate courthouse or with the suitable government agency. Scott and company understand that standing idly in long lines to file documents and to do so against a ticking clock can be grueling and a waste of your precious time. That is why his business also offers Louisiana court walk-throughs, which include court filing, recording, and the return of date-stamped copies to the initial client. Baton Rouge Process Servers even delivers paperwork directly to judges if necessary.

Trust Baton Rouge Process Servers for Your Louisiana Legal Courier Needs

You can count on Baton Rouge Process Servers to handle all your Louisiana legal courier service demands. We have rush and on-demand delivery with a courtesy notification upon arrival. Scott is careful with sensitive cargo, punctual when time matters most, and responsible with regard to the privacy of others. Contact us through email or give us a call to set up your future pickup and delivery!

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