Same Day Courier Services

Same Day Package Delivery

Our Louisiana same day courier services are a great solution for customers that do not have the time to use the post office or simply do not have access to it. Baton Rouge Process Servers provides deliveries all over southwestern Louisiana and guarantees same day service. If you are unable or unwilling to go to a distribution center because of long lines and the hassle of taking on an additional errand, just give us a call. We will be happy to pick up and deliver your package to its destination within the same business day.

Same day courier service is nothing more than an old-fashioned mode of expedited local delivery. Whatever your emergency may be, whether you need papers delivered immediately for legal reasons, or small or large packages that you are worried about trusting to the mail, FedEx, or UPS, Scott and his crew will take care of your needs, and do it within a few hours. We will pick up and deliver anything up to 50 lbs., and 3 ft. by 3 ft. by 3 ft.

Schedule a Delivery

We offer all types of services, including:

Advertising materials

Airport packages


Business documents

Construction Supplies

Corporate Shoppers

Medical Lab Specimens

Medication Delivery

Process of Service

Retail orders

Give us a call anytime at 1-888-204-7683, or text us at 1-337-254-8169. Don’t worry about waiting in long lines and whether your packages may be lost, or your contents destroyed. We provide old-fashioned door-to-door service!

Avoid Lost Packages

When you are using Louisiana courier services regularly, you tend to expect to hear that your package was lost every so often. However, Baton Rouge Process Servers couriers are always prompt, responsible, and reliable. You never have to worry about the use of massive distribution centers and your item being processed through numerous stations. We provide a guaranteed door-to-door service, so you know your item is never out of your courier’s hands.

Ship Fragile Items

Many couriers will tell you not to ship fragile items at all. That is because each item is processed in a distribution center and they are either squashed under much heavier items or they are simply dropped carelessly. If they do make it to the truck in one piece, they are probably tossed around as other packages are sought out and delivered. Conversely, our couriers at Baton Rouge Process Servers pick up every item in person, place them delicately in their vehicles, and drive each all the way to their final destination.

Delivery Reliability

Scott and his team have been in business for almost 20 years and are known in the Baton Rouge area as being professional and dependable when it comes to package and document delivery. Packages are picked up and delivered from door-to-door with no middleman.

Save Time

We pick up packages at your home or office. Since they never have to wait in line at the post office or at any other parcel delivery service, our customers save inordinate amounts of time, which is crucial since most are running a business or a law firm. Baton Rouge Process Servers also save you time by delivering everything straight to your destination. This is critical when it comes to time sensitive documents.

Email, Call or Text Tracking

You may be a bit nervous about trusting a stranger with your important papers or a delicate package. After a while, you may be concerned if your parcel made it on time. You may even start to wonder if your delivery arrived at all!
Don’t worry! Baton Rouge Process Servers will let you know when your delivery was made by contacting you right away. You choose your preferred method of contact. We can either email, call, or text you. You can rest easily knowing that your delivery has been made on time and in one piece!

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