GPS Tracking Devices

Catch a Liar in the Act!

Are you suspicious that your spouse is possibly cheating on you, or do you want to set out to prove what you already know as a fact? GPS tracking devices in Louisiana will never steer you wrong. Attach one to his or her vehicle, and you have a cost-effective method of proving where the person was at a given time. After all, you could pay a private detective top dollar to follow the alleged cheater and he or she can lose your spouse’s trail after a couple of turns. Now the investigation has been derailed, yet you are still on the hook to pay the investigator for his time!

This is never an issue if you use a GPS tracker instead. It is a device, simply attached to the subject’s automobile, that sends signals to satellites or cell towers and reports back its location on a map in real time. Just track it via an app on your cell phone or through the website on your laptop.

GPS tracking devices cannot be easily detected unless someone knew specifically what to look for. The tracker is encased in a black magnetic case that attaches to the vehicle’s frame. It should be mounted on the rear for best results.

At Baton Rouge Process Servers, we are proud suppliers of GPS tracking devices and you can rent them from us for a multitude of reasons. These include:

  • Catching liars, cheaters, and adulterers
  • Tracking vehicles that are part of company-owned fleets
  • Keeping an eye on your teenage children driving their own vehicles, and much more…

If you think that a GPS tracking device may be useful in your endeavors, give Scott at Baton Rouge Process Servers a call today to see if we can give you a hand. Just remember that outside of Louisiana, the laws may be different with regard to electronic surveillance, so please discuss any questions that you may have with a local attorney before engaging in the use of a GPS tracker in another state. Louisiana is a community property state, so though you usually must be the owner of a vehicle in order to track it, your spouse’s automobile is considered no different than your own.

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