Summary of Services

Process Service with Body Cameras!

Two of the many issues that affect the work and reputation of a process server are claims of improper service and worries about his or her safety. And, while completing accurate affidavits and being extra careful may alleviate these problems in theory, there will be some instances where further protection is necessary.

That is why Baton Rouge Process Servers use body cameras each time they serve papers. The use of body cameras provides indisputable evidence of proper service. After all, there is no way that a defendant could claim that they were never served papers when the body camera footage clearly supports the word of the Louisiana process server as attested to on his or her affidavit. This new technology also keeps the courts from backing up with petty cases claiming that no service occurred at all or that improper service had taken place.

Also, Louisiana process servers now have recorded proof of what precisely happened in matters that took a violent turn. Even seeing that a process server is carrying a body camera may be enough of a deterrent for even the most violent defendant to refrain from threatening or assaulting a server that is simply doing his or her job.

Same Day Legal Courier Service

Baton Rouge Process Servers offers delivery services for the local legal industry. We are there to help you meet tight deadlines with a last-minute rush delivery or simply to transfer confidential documents from law offices to courthouses or to clients for signatures. Do you need something filed in-person at a state office in Baton Rouge? We gladly will assist you any time during business hours.

We will deliver any documents that you need to or from courts, realtors, parish offices, state offices, corporation headquarters, and even to or from other attorneys or pro se litigants with our same day guarantee. We understand the importance and time-sensitive nature of legal documents, and we strive to be dependable and prompt. As the best Louisiana same day legal courier service, we will be where you need us at the exact time you indicated, and, upon completion, we will provide you with the recipients’ signatures and an affidavit of service.

Court Filing

Louisiana has a specific set of rules about filing documents with the court. For example, every document must have copies to distribute to all parties before it is filed. Each needs to be marked with the case number, and possibly a cover sheet.

At Baton Rouge Process Servers, our employees are in and out of local courthouses daily, and we are well aware of the state and local rules for filing motions, affidavits, and other case-related papers. When it comes to Louisiana court filing, we know that documents in a lawsuit must be filed on time, properly, and sometimes with an additional filing fee.

That is why after 20 years of filing papers in Louisiana courts, we have spent enough time communicating with parish, state, and federal clerks to ensure that your documents have been filed properly according to Louisiana practice and procedure. We will also keep you informed about your filings’ statuses.

Criminal and Civil Background Checks

Both civil and criminal background screenings can be conducted on a plaintiff, defendant, or even a witness in a lawsuit. Attorneys, as well as pro se litigants, should do the necessary due diligence of checking into the backgrounds of those that they may need to discredit at trial.

While a Louisiana criminal background check shows misdemeanors, felonies, arrests, and criminal court records, these results can vary. We at Baton Rouge Process Servers can search criminal records on a local parish level, throughout the state of Louisiana, or on a national level, which will also include federal cases.

Louisiana civil background checks look into court records that are non-criminal but may reflect on the general character and reputation of the subject investigated. This could include property liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, and small claims judgments.

Courthouse Research

Since Louisiana has used e-filing for the last few years, researching recent cases is really simple. These matters can be pulled up online and the documents can be read and reviewed. But, what happens if you need information on a case that was filed before e-filing became the norm?

As Louisiana courthouse researchers, Baton Rouge Process Servers can research and collect legal documents from public records and archives stored in local courthouses. While attorneys may need these services, since they don’t always have the time to search for themselves, there are also situations where litigants and laypeople could use a hand to find crucial paperwork and filings.

A client may just need to collect information from a settled case or copy an old document. We can do that easily. Since we are actually on-site, you can be sure that the information that you will receive will be accurate and useful.

Court Paper “Walk-Throughs”

If you are an attorney, or even if you have ever been a pro se litigant, you know that waiting in long lines at the courthouse and cutting through all the red tape and bureaucracy does not make for an interesting afternoon. Baton Rouge Process Servers don’t mind shuttling papers from one end of the courthouse to the other as part of a courthouse “walk-through.” Hire us as your Louisiana court paper “walk-through” service and get your documents filed, copied, and stamped. We even pay the fees upfront.

Witness Locating and Skip Tracing

Before Baton Rouge Process Servers can serve legal papers on a litigant, we must first determine where to find them. That is where our witness locating and skip tracing services in Louisiana help to tremendously benefit all involved. Skip tracing, so named because the person in question seems to have “skipped” town,  is a method of searching all public and private databases, including criminal background checks, loan applications, credit reports, utility bills, DMV, tax, and court records, phone number databases, and social media accounts to locate an individual. The process even includes contacting and questioning friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers of the missing person in order to track them down quickly and effectively.

When a person of interest fails to answer a number of calls, texts, and emails, and it is crucial to locate this individual as a witness, defendant, or as another important party to a legal matter, you can always count on Scott Frank and his team of Louisiana’s top witness locators to use proven skip tracing methods to track him or her down. His intensive investigative process will surely find and report the most current address information possible.

Louisiana Registered Agent Service

Every corporation and limited liability company (LLC) in the state of Louisiana, in accordance with the law, must appoint a registered agent to accept any legal correspondence, any official business mail from the Secretary of State, and process of service in the event of a lawsuit. The chosen agent must maintain a physical office, located within the borders of the state, that is open during business hours in that time zone. All businesses that wish to register or incorporate in Louisiana require the appointment of a registered agent. Companies whose primary offices are in other states, or those that are online or home-based and do not have a physical locations, can designate Baton Rouge Process Servers as their registered agent for a reasonable annual fee.

Through a registered agent, government agencies can reliably contact a business and ensure that important papers will end up in the right hands. As a reliable Louisiana registered agent, we will immediately contact the owner or CEO of any company we are responsible for and forward all documents as soon as they are received.

Other Legal Support Services Upon Request

Do you need legal support services in Louisiana, around the Baton Rouge area, but you aren’t sure if your task falls into any of the categories listed here? Just give us a call at Baton Rouge Process Servers and Scott will assist you in any way he can. As part of a team of top Louisiana legal support providers and trustworthy Louisiana process servers, he will provide you with any custom service to fit your unique legal needs. Just give him a call today!

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