Visitation Supervisor

Scott Frank, owner of Lafayette process servers is a Louisiana visitation supervisor. Courts sometimes feel that it is in the best interests of the children to meet either one or both of their parents in the presence of a neutral party. This can happen after a divorce or in a matter related to third party guardianship of children.

While most times you will find female Louisiana visitation supervisors to be the norm, having a man in this role can allow fathers to feel more at ease with the situation that is unfolding. Scott has a calm demeanor and he ensures that the children are relaxed and that the parents remain as cordial with each other as possible for the children’s sakes.

Scott takes this role personally, as a child of divorced parents that also been through a contentious divorce himself. He was awarded full custody of his children and he is a kind and loving father. He uses these experiences to assist parents in finding positive ways in which to remain connected with their children through trying times and circumstances, building a bridge to a positive and less tumultuous future.

Selecting the right candidate as a child visitation supervisor is a big step and the connection you have with this person can be crucial. You must have your only chance to keep in contact with your children for the time being run as smoothly as possible. If you believe Scott may be the choice for you, give him a call at 337-254-8169 and he will answer your questions and address any concerns.

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