About Scott Frank

Why Choose Baton Rouge Process Servers for All Your Louisiana Process Service and Legal Support Needs?

There is no one more experienced, reliable, or professional than us and our founder, Scott Frank. He is well-known and trusted by attorneys, pro-se litigants, and area courts. That is because he has been in this business for nearly two decades and knows his profession inside and out. And, while he was once a big fish in the small pond of Lafayette, now most of the state knows and trusts his expertise. He created Baton Rouge Process Servers after his successful process serving business in Lafayette took off.

Baton Rouge Process Servers – Experience Counts

At Baton Rouge Process Servers, we are constantly educating ourselves when it comes to any changes in the laws regarding service of process in Louisiana. Scott’s customers know that they can consistently count on his training and experience and they know that he will properly serve all legal documents that are entrusted to his care. He is a reputable, knowledgeable process server that is well known in the area for doing his job correctly the first time. No one wants their case delayed due to claims of improper service, and by employing Scott Frank, that is something that no litigant or attorney should ever have to worry about.

Top Louisiana Process Servers – Modern and Tech Savvy

Scott wants to make sure his customers always have the best, and to do that, he employs the latest in technology to take his business to the next level. For example, he and his fellow process servers all sport body cameras which protect them physically and also add another layer of proof of proper service in case a defendant denies he or she was served.

ServeManager is another example of time-saving technology. It is a program integrated into the Baton Rouge Process Servers website that enables potential and current customers to upload and download relevant documents, saving everyone the time, cost, and frustration of using snail mail.

Louisiana Same Day Courier Service

Do you require a Louisiana legal courier that can deliver all types of critical documents from Point A to Point B in the same business day? Baton Rouge Process Servers will get the job done fast and reliably. You can count on Scott’s team to get what you need, where you need it, right away!

Experts in Louisiana Legal Support

At Baton Rouge Process Servers, Scott Frank and his fellow process servers provide the top legal support services Louisiana attorneys need. And, while Scott aids professional lawyers, he is also always on hand to assist pro-se litigants with their legal needs, such as Louisiana courthouse research. Baton Rouge Process Servers are also always there to lend a hand and to expedite matters by taking on tedious work like Louisiana courthouse walk-throughs. The company is led by the top process server in Louisiana and he and his team will ensure that each assignment is done efficiently and quickly, but also with care and responsibility. Give us a call today and learn more about what we can do for you!

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