Most of us know what a courier is. It is essentially a person or company that transports items from one person to another. This is done by bicycle or automobile, and it is a much faster method of shipping documents or items than traditional snail mail. Fortunately, most papers can now be scanned and emailed, and couriers, to some extent, became obsolete. Actually, this started during the advent of fax machines decades ago.

This brings us to the importance of having a legal courier. Legal couriers only transport legal materials, files, and documents from one attorney’s office to another, or a lawyer’s office to the courthouse and back again. These types of documents cannot typically be sent via email. Email can be hacked, and these documents contain extremely sensitive information that no reputable lawyer would ever want to see fall in the wrong hands. Another point to consider is that items that are sent by email are not always received due to technical failures. If emailed documents, that are time-sensitive, do not arrive prior to their designated time, they can either hold up a lawsuit or change the course that a case may take.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want to depend on the post office or a service such as FedEx or UPS to deliver your legal papers or crucial evidence in a lawsuit. Again, items may be lost, damaged, or privacy may be breached. Plus, you will possibly spend exorbitant amounts of money compared to simply hiring a legal courier to deliver your vital package. Not to mention, you won’t have to wait. Many legal couriers provide same day service within 100 miles.

Legal couriers are especially appreciated in situations where a deadline is fast approaching, such as when a document must be signed so it can be filed by a particular date. Mailing back and forth is not a great option when time is of the essence. Plus, a handwritten signature that is scanned, emailed, and printed is not always allowed in accordance with certain legal procedures. This is when a partnership with a trusty legal courier such Lafayette Process Servers comes in handy.

We ensure that your legal paperwork and packages are handled with care and discretion. They will arrive promptly at or before the time that you request them to. Remember, while larger firms can afford to keep their own legal couriers on their payrolls, we believe that smaller firms, solo practitioners, and pro-se litigants deserve the same services, and we are happy to provide them for you. Once delivery has been made, we will alert you via your choice of a phone call, an email, or a text. We will never have you guessing whether or not your packages or papers have arrived.

For attorneys, we also transport case files to court for you and set up your papers in the courtroom prior to your arrival. That way, you can focus on what is most important – your clients and their cases. After your hearing or trial is through for the day, we will also pack up your documents and bring them back to your office for you.

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