Courthouse filing is an essential part of the litigation process that should not be ignored or diminished in its importance. A lawyer or a pro-se litigant can write the most compelling motion with a well-sourced memorandum to back it up, and if it is not filed properly, it may never see the light of day in open court. Proper filing includes filing that is made on time, in accordance with federal, state, or local laws and rules of procedure. It must also be filed in the correct court and in the right designated area. If any of these qualifications go unmet, the document may not be considered as a portion of the ongoing case.

As a busy attorney, or pro-se litigant with a full life outside of your pending legal matter, it may be far too time-consuming to stand all day in long lines and be ran around the courthouse until you can find the appropriate clerk to accommodate your needs. That is why hiring a court filing service can be an efficient and time-saving effort that you can take to free you up to conduct more important business. At Lafayette Process Servers, we will gladly take your place by filing your documentation with the court, and we don’t mind conducting “walk-throughs” shuttling papers from one area of the courthouse to another, if necessary.

Louisiana’s courts require that all documents that are filed as part of an ongoing matter have copies available to distribute to all parties involved prior to filing. Each of these copies should have the case number visibly written or typed on the document and be date-stamped. As twenty-year veterans of filing such documents in the various courthouses that make up our great state’s system, we are aware of such idiosyncrasies and other rules that are specific to particular parishes and districts. We have paid our dues by walking in and out of family, criminal, civil, juvenile, and all other types of courthouses daily.

As such, our employees are aware of the different state and local rules as they apply to filing affidavits, motions, complaints, and other specific types of legal documents. We have worked with a plethora of federal, state, and local clerks and we have the know-how to effectively file your paperwork and pay any required fee necessary in accordance with all applicable laws. We will also keep you apprised of the status of your filings so you are never in the dark.

In addition to filing, we also have delivered papers directly to judges, if necessary, and we also record any required documents as part of real property and land records. Fees apply to recording, and they are recorded with the Clerk of the Court in the parish where the property is located.

Hiring a court filing agency can take care of all these issues for you so you won’t need to give them a second thought. As a solid and dependable organization with over two decades of experience, Lafayette Process Servers has been proven to be discrete, quick, and accurate when it comes to filing your documents or those that belong to your clients.

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