How to Locate a Process Server in Addis


If you need a process server in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, look no further. Your attorney can always give you a great recommendation, but here are a few other ways to find qualified personnel:


  1. The Louisiana Secretary of State’s website has a list of all process servers that are registered with the state.

This is useful because you can get an idea of who is qualified to serve papers in your area as well as check availability.


  1. Go to your local courthouse and ask the staff. Chances are, they know process servers who work in the area and can give you some good recommendations. They might even have a list of qualified ones for you to pick from.


  1. Check the internet.

If you type “process servers in Addis” or something similar into a search engine, many websites that have lists of process servers will come up. You can also go to online directories such as the Yellow Pages or Angie’s List.


Use these guidelines to help you locate a professional and trustworthy process server in Addis, Louisiana.


The individual speaking, Lafayette Process Servers LLC, is not a certified lawyer and cannot provide legal advice. The laws related to document-serving differ from state to state; for more reliable information, listeners should contact their local lawyer for specific details.

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