Location Services for Witnesses

You have come to the proper spot if you need to find a witness so you may depose them or subpoena them for testimony. Finding eyewitnesses in the greater New Orleans area who are crucial to a case may be difficult for pro se litigants as well as high-profile legal firms, and occasionally finding character witnesses as well as witnesses acting in a professional capacity can be just as difficult.

Even the most meticulously built case may be made or broken depending on the availability and cooperation of witnesses. We provide the expert witness location services you need to ensure the testimony and/or company documents required to win in court.

Participation by witnesses may be crucial

We are aware that in certain situations, getting witnesses to testify might provide you or your client the greatest advantage in court, in a family dispute, or in a disputed inheritance. Prior to a crucial court action, you may find yourself entirely out of luck if you can’t locate that individual or get a copy of his or her documents. We at Lafayette Process Servers hope that neither you nor your client would ever experience this sad circumstance. We provide thorough witness locating services for both lawyers and pro se litigants even though we are aware that the procedure might be challenging.

Nevertheless, finding witnesses might sometimes be very challenging. They can be avoiding you on purpose because they don’t want to be involved, or they might have just moved away, changed jobs, or are unaware of their significance in a current legal case. In that, we are exceptional. For both attorneys and pro se litigants, we specialize in finding witnesses. We guarantee that we will make every effort to locate and get in touch with important witnesses for service of process, lawsuits, or depositions using our tested procedures.

We use a number of strategies to make sure we will locate the precise individual you are looking for. For instance, we have access to several public record databases that we may quickly use to seek witnesses. By analyzing data sources, questioning associates, such as known family members, friends, coworkers, and colleagues, and following up on promising leads, we may do a skip trace. Any relevant information we discover is compared with other pieces of information in order to develop and pursue potential leads.

And in Baton Rouge, we take the effort to scrupulously abide by moral standards that are acceptable under the law while looking for witnesses. We respect everyone’s right to privacy and will never use duplicitous means to acquire private data. You may rely on us to uphold both your and others’ privacy rights’ secrecy.

We are aware that finding witnesses in Lake Charles might take time and divert attorneys from their other crucial duties. Due to this, we would want to discover those people who hold the figurative key to obtaining a victory for your customer and relieve you of this tiresome task. Although we want to make it clear that we are not lawyers, we recognize how significant this might be for you as legal practitioners. If you are not a lawyer and have any questions concerning this article, kindly get in touch with an attorney in your state.


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