There are lots of con artists out there that want to steal the money that honest, industrious individuals have worked so hard to achieve. Scams involving process servers are similar. In order to trick unwary victims and terrify them into paying significant sums of money or disclosing personal information, scammers appear as professional process servers (which can be used in fraudulent ways to make money down the road).
Due to the importance of process servers to the legal process and the fact that they are respected professionals, it is possible for criminals to take advantage of people who lack legal knowledge by exploiting their fears and other vulnerabilities.
Here are a few of the most typical process server fraud schemes used by con artists:
The Lawsuit Scam of Creditor Payoff
In this case, pretend process servers may contact the victims by phone or email or even visit their homes or places of business. They will make an effort to win over the trust of their targets by exploiting sensitive, private information. These kinds of information are readily available online, particularly in the current social media era. Swindlers frequently even turn to buying data in bulk after data breaches. All things considered, providing these precise facts up front provides con artists a sense of credibility that supports their later assertions.
Once they have the targets’ trust, they want money right away to defend against a fictitious lawsuit that they claim to have served the targets with. The majority of the time, there is no lawsuit, and papers may be simply fabricated using online, free templates. Additionally, purchasing official-looking badges is simple on Children utilize these toys, which are created abroad, to play cops and robbers. Don’t be duped by bogus process servers’ outward appearances!
No process server, however, shall be charged with the duty of taking payment from a plaintiff, whether there is a lawsuit or not. Lafayette process servers aren’t even aware of what any potential lawsuit contains because they don’t read the complaints against people because doing so would violate the privacy they swear to safeguard. They only make sure that the proper parties receive legal documents and that everything is done legally.
the use of strong arms
A victim may also be threatened with arrest if they don’t pay right away, which is another method of extortion. This is a terrible con that only succeeds on people who are ignorant of how the entire legal system operates. First off, as was already mentioned, Baton Rouge process servers do not take money. The average process server is not a police officer and cannot make an arrest, even though sheriffs in some parishes deliver papers. Last but not least, it has been nearly 100 years since someone has been imprisoned for a debt! (Although in six states you could be imprisoned for failing to pay a court order; however, there would be no need for a process server.)
In conclusion, it’s crucial to constantly keep an eye out for warning signs while dealing with alleged Metairie process servers. When requested over the phone, never provide them with any additional personal information, and avoid paying any fees to anyone impersonating as a process server. You should speak with a reputable lawyer in your region, get in touch with law enforcement, or call the court personally if you are still confused about a particular circumstance.

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