Although there are situations that may be less unpleasant than others, there aren’t really any fun or exciting reasons to have legal documents served by a process server. You might be asked to testify as a witness rather than as a party to a lawsuit, or your company’s records might be demanded for the same purpose.

Having said all of that, summonses and complaints are the legal documents that are most frequently served by process servers. An individual receives notice of the lawsuit using these documents. No one wants to think about having to worry about going to court, whether it is a civil or family situation, which may cause all kinds of anxiety and stress.

This is only one of several causes for why people tend to refuse service of process. A few more frequent reasons for avoiding service are listed below:

Anxiety about the future Most people avoid serving legal documents because of their anxiety.

It’s possible that they’re terrified of unpleasant situations and legal repercussions. After all, getting documents unexpectedly might be unsettling and intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the legal system.

Additionally, even if you anticipate paperwork or have gone through a similar procedure in the past, it can be very scary.

Responsibilities are avoided In order to avoid fulfilling their legal commitments, many people in Baton Rouge purposefully avoid serving the proper parties with legal papers. Making a court appearance, paying penalties or reparations, paying child support, and responding to lawsuits are a few examples.

Disgrace or humiliation The act of serving legal papers typically means that the person who receives them is at the very least incidentally involved in a delicate situation that has developed into a legal dispute.

A visit from a process server may cause embarrassment because many of these circumstances are both private and personal. Everyone likes to keep their personal business private, especially when it comes to close friends and family or coworkers.

Issues with Validity As there have been numerous recent instances of process server frauds, it is possible for a “process server” to act in ways that are unusual for someone in the industry from time to time, raising questions about fraud. So, if someone is unaware of who a legal Metairie process server is, they might avoid them.

A concern for a negative outcome A servee might or might not have done anything illegal, yet he or she might nonetheless be expecting a negative outcome from a potential legal case brought up against them.

Actions taken to avoid debt A defendant may try to evade serving of process in order to avoid paying an unpaid bill or invoice if the ongoing lawsuit involves a financial dispute or collection.

Buying more time will not make a difference. While folks who avoid Lafayette process servers might believe they are getting rid of their issues, they are only postponing what will eventually happen. For the reason that ineffective service won’t make legal troubles go away. Despite the defendant’s absence, the proceedings will generally default to the plaintiff’s side.

Another advantage of being well-trained is that a process server is adept at finding people who are evading or hiding using different techniques. Online and social media activity, skip tracing, and our meticulous investigation abilities are all things we can employ. Courts may also permit alternate methods of serving papers, like publishing notice in the neighborhood paper or leaving a notice at the recipient’s most recent address that has been confirmed. Consequently, it is always advised to accept the documents delivered by the process server and handle the legal issues at hand with the help of a reputable lawyer.


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